Baking Indian Breads with Whole Wheat Atta

Baking Indian Breads

Baking Indian Breads with Whole Wheat Atta

Get ready to celebrate the flavorful breads with a spotlight on whole wheat flour. From around the world, breads add variety to meals, complementing hot curries and desserts. More than mere food, they represent traditions and craftsmanship. Whether a daily need or a special indulgence, especially whole wheat varieties, they create shared experiences, connecting people through delightful stories in every bite. Read this article to learn about exciting breads you can prepare using Hathi Brand 100% Whole Wheat Atta!

Breads taste delicious and are healthy when prepared with whole wheat flour or atta. Atta is a finely milled whole wheat flour commonly used in Indian cooking.

Whole wheat atta bread is like the superhero of the bread world. Atta contains the entire wheat kernel – bran, germ, and endosperm. That means more nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants packed into every slice. It is not just bread; it’s a powerhouse of goodness.

Types of Whole Wheat Atta Breads

We all have our own choices, likes, and dislikes, and bread is no different from being categorized due to these choices. Today, we can enjoy breads like white bread, sourdough, multigrain bread, pita, gluten-free bread, and Indian flatbreads like roti, naans, parathas, puris, bhaturas, theplas, and many more. 

These breads make breakfast interesting and dinner worth waiting for. And with breakfast recipes and other bread recipes like brown bread recipes, you can enjoy your everyday essentials like sandwiches. 

What stands out for us is Whole Wheat Atta breads. At Hathi Brand, we promise the purity of 100% Whole Wheat Atta. It is like your home-ground atta best suited for all sorts.

Indian Whole Wheat Breads

Breads in India are a core part of every meal in almost every cuisine. These breads have significance and nutritional value. These breads are now enjoyed worldwide and have been a part of the menu in nearly every gathering, festival, or holiday season celebration.


It is one of the quick breads you can prepare at home with the easiest methods. Roti is enjoyed the best when served fresh and tastes the best with ghee or butter. Along with all the taste benefits, it also comes with a lot of nutritional value, like carbohydrates in whole wheat flour. The dietary fibers help in digestion. It is also rich in vitamin B and iron, which allows our body and bones to stay strong and function better.


This is one of the most popular kinds of Indian bread that has traveled to almost all the parts of the world map. It is made with all-purpose flour and yeast, but you can give it a wholesome twist with Whole Wheat Flour. It is best enjoyed with all your unique, tasty dishes and curries. This tandoor-made delicacy can promote fullness and is considered a wholemeal bread.


Puri, a traditional Indian bread made with whole wheat atta, is deep-fried, crispy, and airy. It is popularly made in Indian families on special occasions but is also enjoyed for breakfast in many regions. It tastes good with curries, but you will definitely love it with the potato curry. Puris are made in several ways, like sweet, spicy, salty, and with different flours. But the most loved is made with simple Whole Wheat Atta.


Another vastly consumed Indian flatbread, Paratha filled with various fillings like mashed potatoes, paneer, or mixed vegetables, is a healthy breakfast! They taste the best with sweet yogurt, achar (Indian spiced pickle), varieties of chutney, etc. It mainly comes from North India but has now become an international delicacy. 


Whole Wheat Atta has always been a part of our healthy meals in one way or another, and it will never go out of fashion. It contains high fiber and can be used to bake breads worldwide, especially Indian breads. 

So, step out now and grab your packs of Hathi Brand 100% Whole Wheat Atta from the grocery or convenience stores near you and treat yourself to the supreme goodness.

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